M2E App Aglet

The M2E trend has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and more and more applications are appearing, today we will tell you about one popular application — Aglet!

1. What is Aglet

2. How to start earn tokens in Aglet app

2.1 Go to the website of the game and choose an application to install based on what you use (Iphone or Android devices)

2.2 After a successful download, go to the application and start registration

2.3 We choose our first pair of sneakers. We will use them to earn tokens. Personally, we chose 1st pair

After choosing, we will be given a box, opening which we will get the selected sneakers. Also we will be given another box for passing the tutorial.

2.4 Create your avatar, we got a guy like this:

2.5 Create your account by entering your nickname. Just to get a bonus of 1000 tokens, enter this referral code: 2IRG1D

Congratulations! Your account has been created and is ready to play.

If you have any problems with registering or using Aglet then don’t worry write to our telegram channel!

3. Aglet Interface

You can scan the area of your city every day and find new reward boxes.

3.1 The box with thunder (Treasure Stash)

In these boxes you can get Aglet tokens, gold Aglets and a new pair of sneakers, this is one of the main ways to earn in Aglet.

3.2 Repair station

Here you can repair your sneakers if they are worn out, the conditions are always written when you click on the circle. For example, it is possible to repair your sneakers when they are 50% or less worn out and the rollback time is 48 hours.

3.3 Deadstock Station

They are needed if after repairing sneakers they do not look presentable then you go to the nearest station and upgrade them to factory condition. Mostly you need them in order to sell them.

3.4 GCP (Grid, Comfort, Protection)

GCPs affect the level of Bonus Steps received (Bonus Steps can accrue up to 16 times more tokens than now). Booster accrues depending on weather conditions. C depends on sunny weather bonus and accrues a bonus depending on the sun on that day. P depends on the amount of rain bonus. P gives the most bonus on rainy days.

For today we are done, if you want detailed ways of earning, then do not be afraid to write to us in telegram.

Thank you for reading this article, and if it was useful to you, subscribe to our Telegram channel, let’s open cryptoworld in a new way!



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