SpaceFi Incentivized Testnet (EN)

More and more projects are launching their test networks, for which you can get a nice reward in tokens. Today we will tell you about one of such projects — Space Finance

1. What is Space Finance

Space Finance is a crosschain web3 platform on Evmos and zkSync, with DEX+NFT+Starter+Spacebase. Was the first to connect Cosmos and Layer2.

2. Preparing

2.1 We will need MetaMask or another wallet that supports EVMs to pass the test.

2.2 Add zkSync network to MetaMask

2.3 Add a network with parameters:

Network Name: zkSync Testnet
Chain ID: 280
Currency Symbol(Optional): ETH
Block Explorer URL:

2.4 Getting Test Funds on Goerlifaucet

3. Testnet

3.1 To send the received ETH, use the zkSync bridge, log into your wallet

3.2 On the Bridge tab select the amount to be transferred and transfer the amount to the zkSync network. Don’t forget to confirm the transaction in your wallet.

3.3 Get more tokens in their faucet:

3.4 Go to the SpaceFi website by following this link and log in to the wallet

We need to perform these actions:

Swap -> Add Liquidity -> Farm

3.5 Making an exchange on the SpaceFi page
Make an exchange in the direction of ETH -> DAI

3.6 Adding liquidity to the system

3.7 After all of this, fill out this form and that’s the end of the airdrop!

Congratulations! You have coped with Testnet and that’s it for today. If you have any questions or difficulties with Testnet, send us a message in Telegram Channel!

Thank you for reading this article, and if it was useful for you then subscribe to our Telegram Channel, we will open the crypto world in a new way!



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One of the fastest-growing channels about cryptocurrency since 2020