Walken Airdrop (With Gleam Answers)

M2E Projects are now at the peak of their popularity, and more and more of them are launching their Airdrop. We did our own investigation and invite you to participate in the Walken App.

1. What is Walken

Walken is an M2E project on Solana in which Kathletes (the name of the character in the game) accumulate points for steps and then compete in pvp battles against other Kotleta (players), thereby earning project tokens.

2. The tasks themselves for participation

🔹 Go to the contest website (Gleam)
🔹 Read their Twitter account
🔹 Retweet this post
🔹 Enter your Solana Wallet (We recommend creating a Phantom Wallet)
🔹 Join their Telegram channel
🔹 Join their Discord server
🔹 Follow Walken Medium (And don’t forget to follow ours!)
🔹 Sign up for the Walken newsletter

3. Gleam Answers

  1. 1000
  2. Cat + athlete
  3. 5
  4. Solana
  5. 5

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